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    price cut on walton led tvs
    NBS | Monday, December 12th, 2016 | Published: 11:40 am

    price cut on walton led tvs

    the photo shows that the television engineers of walton group are working iso class 7 dust free clean room at walton micro-tech corporation.

    the country’s electronics giant ‘walton’ slashed the prices of its various models of led televisions substantially, ranging from tk 800 to tk 3,100, following the winter season, celebration of new grade and the imminent 22nd dhaka international trade fair-2017.

    under the ‘winter offer,’ the walton authority reduced the prices of its led tvs with effective from the first day of the current month.

    as per the new offer, the price of walton brand 19-inch led television is now sold at tk 8,990, reduced tk 910 from its previous price of tk 9,900. by reducing the price of 20-inch led television by tk 1,000, walton fixed the new price at tk 10,900. price of 24-inch led television is now fixed at 13,700 after reducing the earlier price by tk 800. the customers can now buy a walton brand 28-inch led television at tk 15,900 while they had to pay tk 17,900 earlier. after slashing the previous price of 32-inch led television by tk 3,100, the new price is set at tk 18,800. besides, prices of walton brand 39, 40, 43, 49 and 55-inch led television are now fixed at tk 30,900; tk 33,700; tk 42900; tk 57,900 and tk 70,900.

    in the upcoming ditf-17, walton is going to introduce its latest innovative design of led television named ‘next generation spectraq television ’ that wil offer amazing display technology, power efficient featured and unmatched color quality, the walton officials, said adding, the walton brand spectraq television with qd (quantum dot)plus technology’s backlight system would increase the range of colours by 98-99 percent than the televisions with normal technology based panel system.

    abdul bari, first senior assistant director (television marketing) of walton group, said the customers’ faith and self-reliance on walton brand’s led televisions have increased significantly during the current grade due to its some unique specialties like produce led tvs with latest technologies, assurance of world-class standard, affordable rates, eye-catching designs and colours, six months replacement warranty, two years warranty for led panel and other spare parts, 5 years free service facility, nationwide sales and service points.

    in the current grade , the sales of walton brand led televisions have been increased by about 325 percent compared to the previous grade ’s sales, he added.

    the walton officials said, separate manufacturing lines were set up at walton micro-tech corporation at chandra in gazipur for producing plastic cabinet, speaker, remote control, mother board, electric power cable and led television panel. after commencing the local production of led television , walton has been able to cut down the prices of led television gradually.

    engr. farhad hossain mamnun, first senior deputy director and television r&d in-charge of walton group, said, application of world’s latest technology in walton led tvs is resulted in slashing the prices, along with further improving the quality of produced televisions by following ‘zero tolerance’ policy.

    application of world’s latest technology in the production process, addition of state-of-the art machines, increase of production following upward demand and production of al necessary parts at walton micro-tech corporation are resulted in the reduction of fixed factory overhead, which led the local brand to reduce the prices of its led televisions substantially, he added.

    engr. mostafa nahid hossain, first senior deputy director and head of television sourcing engineering dept.) of walton group, said, one of the prime objective of walton is to supply world-class led television to the local people at cheap rates. in this regard, walton made remarkable success, he added.

    at now, approvals of 28 patents of walton in the world’s television research are under process, he said adding, they are using ips (in-plan switching), ads and hads technology based panel in their produced led tvs, which are resulted in giving wide viewing angles and high contrast pictures to the viewers.

    in addition, the use of dolby digital sound system, dled and eled backlight with dynamic backlight control, high standard mother board and motion picture in walton led television are resulted in delivering incredibly vibrant color , better sound as wel as sharper images.

    the panel of led television is being produced with highest standard at iso class 7 dust free clean room, he added.


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