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    nixon-kissinger-yahya nexus: villains of 1971
    NBS | Thursday, December 15th, 2016 | Published: 21:45 pm

    nixon-kissinger-yahya nexus: villains of 1971-: abdul mannan :-

    jussi m. hanhimäki, a finish historian, specializing in the history of cold war, american foreign policy, transatlantic relations, international organisations and refugees, titled one of his book as “the flawed architect – henry kissinger and american foreign policy”. hanhimäki is not the only historian who termed president nixon’s national security advisor and later the secretary of state as a flawed architect of us foreign policy.

    christopher hitchens, the anglo-american author, columnist, essayist, orator, religious and literary critic, social critic and journalist who regularly contributed til his death in december of 2011 in the new statesman, the nation, the atlantic, london review of books, the times literary supplement, state and vanity fair, demanded trial of henry kissinger in his best seler , “the trial of henry kissinger” for al his conspiracies, intrigues and misdeeds as the secretary of state of richard nixon. as nixon’s secretary of state he was instrumental in bringing down the level of us foreign policy to its lowest level and many semester his tenure as the secretary of state worse than the days senator je mccarthy who became the most visible public face of a period in which cold war tensions fueled fears of widespread communist subversion.

    he was noted for making claims that there were large numbers of communists and soviet spies and sympathisers inside the united states federal government and elsewhere. ultimately, the controversy he generated led him to be censured by the united states senate. in the height of the cold war both nixon and kissinger suffered from soviet union paranoia and would go to any extreme and do anything to stop the perceived influense of soviet union in asia, africa or latin america, including assassination of presidents, prime ministers and political leaders, fueling coups and counter coups and instaling military dictators in place of elected governments.

    successive us governments used the intelligense network of cia to assist in al their misdeeds which included the assassination of chiles elected president salvador allende and bangladesh’s sk. mujib. henry kissinger was one of the main lynchpins in al these dirty works. when bangladesh was fighting for its independense in 1971 and thousands of people dying because of pakistan army’s indiscriminate kiling across the country and thousands perishing in the refugee camps of india due to cholera, malnutrition and dehydration, the us administration under nixon, on the advice of henry kissinger, refused to put any pressure on pakistan’s military dictator general yahya khan to put an end to the pogrom being carried out in bangladesh.

    rather ship loads of us arms and ammunition were being shipped to pakistan to be used for kiling innocent people in bangladesh. while bangladesh was being torn apart by the pakistan army, including rape, arson, forceful eviction and indiscriminate kiling by yahya’s soldiers, kissinger was clandestinely using pakistan to establish relationship with china as with the perception that befriending china wil help us to stop the spread of soviet influense in the developing world. china was a good friend of pakistan and in 1971 supported pakistan in the bangladesh policy.

    china also had a strained relationship with india that stood by our side in the hours of our need. from the very beginning soviet union supported the stand of india’s policy towards bangladesh. kissinger, on a number of occasions, publicly declared that us would always stand by the side of pakistan when it comes to protecting the integrity and sovereignty of its old and time tested ally. historically pakistan was always considered both as a natural and strategic ally of us.

    hussain haqqani, the renowned pakistani born political commentator writing for the atlantic on november 14, 2016 writes, “many american officials, prominent among them the diplomats george kennan and chester bowles, advocated distancing the us from pakistan to win over india. but us diplomats beginning with john foster dulles, who served as dwight d. eisenhower’s secretary of state in the 1950s, embraced the notion that an unreliable ally (pakistan) in hand was better than a long- semester friend that needed to be woed. …kissinger inherited the affection for pakistan from his predecessors, and had the additional burden of working for a president who had been enamoured of pakistan since his first visit there in 1954. during the first tour of asia as eisenhower’s vize president, nixon had liked the wel -staged anticommunism he encountered in pakistan, especially as it contrasted with his experiense in india. (nixon) was offended what he saw as indians’ unwillingness to even discus the notion that communism was the gravest threat to civilization . the indian’s had lectured nixon about global poverty and injustice, both of which, they said, western colonialism had exacerbated.”

    indian prime minister indira gandhi visited us on 4 and 5 november, 1971 as a part of her tour of western countries to propagate the cause of bangladesh and the plight of 10 million refugees which india was sheltering at this time. on 4 november nixon met mrs. gandhi and her delegation at the white house. kissinger joined them and the meeting went on til 12.30 p.m. dennis kux, a former us diplomat in his book ‘estranged democracies 1941-1991’, pointed out that ‘the visit began badly when in nixon’s welcoming remarks on the white house lawns, he offered sympathy for the flood victims of bihar, but made no mention of bengal refugees and their sufferings.

    ’ however mrs. gandhi in her response boldly chided the president for ignoring a man-made tragedy of vast proportions. denis kux writes ‘the next day on 5 november, a conversation among nixon, kissinger, president’s chief of staff haldeman from 7.50 to 9.10 am revealed the anger and frustration of nixon on gandhi visit. nixon used what kissinger caled ‘unprintable’ vocabulary and caled indira gandhi ‘a bitch and a witch’ and vowed that he would make that morning meeting brief and cool. mrs. gandhi met nixon also on 5 november but according to kissinger, nixon-gandhi conversation turned into a classic dialogue of the deaf. (henry kissinger, white house years).

    paris based popular daily the le figaro published an interview of yahya khan on september 1, 1971 where he was quoted saying “my army is a professional army and it is wel trained. when one fights, one des not throw flowers.” he described mujib as a “minor fascist and a criminal.”

    asked about the brutality of the pakistan army, yahya replied “what happened in dacca was no soccer game …when my soldiers kil they do it cleanly.”

    amidst the backdrop of what the world knows about the bangladesh’s liberation war in 1971 and interviews and memoirs of nixon, kissinger and yahya khan recently henry kissinger came out with a strange, stunning and imaginative revelation in his latest interview given immediately before the us presidential election to jeffrey goldberg, the editor-in-chief of ‘the atlantic’ that pakistan’s president and its army chief had told united states president richard nixon in november 1971 that pakistan would grant independense to east pakistan the following march notwithstanding the fact the pakistan invaded india on december 3, 1971 by launching a pre-emptive strike on eleven forward air force bases while indira gandhi was in kolkata.

    goldberg asked kissinger “was the opening to china worth the sacrifices, the deaths, experienced in india-pakistan bangladesh crisis?” kissinger was very blunt in his answer and said “human rights are essential goal of american policy. but so is national security. according to kissinger, “the nixon administration considered the opening to china as essential to a potential diplomatic recasting towards the soviet union and the pursuit of peace.” kissinger always branded india as a ‘stooge’ of soviet union and neither he nor nixon would hide their feeling that the ‘stooge’ needs to be taught a lesson. to achieve their goal the lives of the people of bangladesh was expendable and by kissinger’s own admission, 1971 was a fraught moment in history of us foreign policy.

    in 1973 henry kissinger was awarded the nobel peace prize, another example of how the coveted prize went to the wrong person. no other politician in us history was involved in so many immoral and unethical political games in the last century. kissinger wil leave a lasting legacy of dirty side of us foreign policy and state sponsored meddling into the affairs of other nations.

    nixon had to leave office prematurely in 1974 for his involvement in watergate scandal. yahiya khan resigned soon after bangladesh’s independense and died on august 10, 1980. he was known for his scandalous life and his mistress commonly known as general rani. kissinger lives in us and occasionally makes appearance in public life. recently he showed his support to hillary clinton in the us presidential election. history wil remember these demons for the misdeeds, mischief and accessory to one of the most brutal genocide of the last century.

    the author is and analyst and a commentator

    source : daily-sun.com


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