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    boko haram teaching children as young as 13 to rape hostages and ‘have fun’
    NBS | Friday, December 30th, 2016 | Published: 14:44 pm

    boko haram teaching children as young as 13 to rape hostages and 'have fun'boko haram militants are reportedly teaching boys as young as 13, how to rape hostages, it has been revealed. the senior fighters allegedly told the child recruits that they would ‘have fun’ at the end of their conquests, in an apparent referense to the sexual exploitation of the hostages they would conquer after the attack, according to a report in the daily mail. a boy soldier who fled from the nigerian jihadists only identified as ahmed has claimed adult fighters are teling youngsters that sexually assaulting their captives wil be “fun”. he added: “the girls wil scream and cry for help, but [the militants] didn’t care. “sometimes they’l be slapped and threatened with guns if they didn’t co-operate.” senior fighters spent two days teaching the children how to rape their hostages, and were told not to allow women to 'overpower' them. one of the victims who escaped the clutches of the dreaded list, said that she was raped by 'little boys' so little, that she could have fended them off in any other normal situation. “one looked like a 13- grade -old having sex for the first time. but he succeeded because he had a gun,” she reportedly said. the group has reportedly turned to recruitment of child soldiers in an attempt to rebound after the terrible losses they suffered at the hands of the nigerian military last grade .


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